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14 11 2011

SWU Music and Arts Festival

SWU Music and Arts Festival has announced its second day’s audience figures: 45,000 people attended the shows of 22 national and international attractions, divided between the main stages (Energia e Consiência), the New Stage and the Heineken Greenspace E music tent. The Global Forum on Sustainability has gathered personalities who acted in defense of sustainability, as actress and activist Daryl Hannah and former minister Marina Silva, who thrilled the audience and received a standing ovation.

Even though the main stage’s musical performances were delayed due to the heavy rain that fell over Paulinia in the afternoon, nothing could diminish either the show’s brilliance neither the public’s enthusiasm that lasted until the very last performance.

The delays due to weather did cause some problems including the incident involving some technical staff members of both Peter Gabriel and Ultraje a Rigor. Peter Gabriel called Roger Moreira to apologize for the situation, of which Peter was unaware until this morning, and the festival’s organization would like to state that now the artists have spoken, they have completely overcome this incident.

Peter said, ‘I learned this morning that there had been a problem between my crew and Ultraje a Rigor at the SWU festival, that resulted in my production manager stopping their performance and turning off their amps. I deeply regret that this took place and have called Roger Moreira to apologise directly to him and the band.

‘The storm had put the running order two hours behind schedule and all the artists agreed to cut their set by 15 minutes. I understand from the festival organiser that Ultraje a Rigor were playing more than the time they had agreed and that there were still two more artists to play on our stage. This is why I believe my production manager, who had also had a long battle with water damage to the equipment, was getting very frustrated. In any case, he should not have interrupted their performance.

‘I strongly believe in treating all artists with equality and respect and I am extremely sorry that we failed to do so last night.’

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4 responses

14 11 2011

Bacana da parte dele pedir desculpas, mas é sempre bom lembrar que respeito é bom e conserva os dentes!
Parabéns pelo show.

14 11 2011

Excelente Roger, agora todo mundo entendeu. Valeu.

15 11 2011
Rodrigo Biguá

Bom, uma vez que foi a equipe dele que fez a cagada e ele diz que não abia de nada, Peter Gabriel para ministro da Dilma!!!

15 11 2011
douglas sanches

Ali diz “todos os artistas concordaram em cortar o tempo em 15 minutos, no entanto o Ultraje não respeitou isso” – até onde isso é verdade?

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